The Top 11 Chrome Extensions for Copywriters

Bill Gates is quoted as saying,“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” You have probably also heard, “work smart, not hard.”

Why work harder than you need to? 

chrome extensions for copywriters

I’m always looking for tools to improve my copywriting workflow and today I want to share my favorite Chrome extensions with you. Here are – in my opinion – the top 11 Chrome extensions for copywriters.

1. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Copywriters love to get inspiration from other copywriters. In fact, seeing what is currently working in your market and finding out the language your target market uses is one of the most important steps in copywriting.

If you are about to hire a copywriter and they don’t discuss market research, that isn’t a red flag – it’s a 100-person marching band.

When doing market research we often create a “swipe” folder and store the best ads and copywriting we see.

But oftentimes, the “print to PDF” function messes up the formatting of the page. The colors don’t transfer and it’s just a total mess.

That’s why I use Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder. It has the ability to save my swipes exactly as they show up on my screen. And it even has a scroll function that can save really long sales pages in one image file.

2. Grammarly

It never fails – you’ve read through your copy a bajillion times, your client accepts it, it gets published for the world to see…. and there’s a typo.

I think there’s some universal law that says “the more confident you won’t have typos in your copy, the greater the chance of them appearing.” 

Who’s going to be the first to find a typo and point it out in the comments below?

Well, I use Grammarly to reduce the number of typos and errors I make. I already have my system spellchecker, but Grammarly just provides one more set of eyes to read over everything for me.

I also often put my copy in Word to review before I publish or send my copy to a client.

3. Notion Web Clipper

Have you ever found a life changing piece of software?

My copywriting friends have been bugging me to try it out for the last six months. I finally set up an account and went through August Bradley’s notion training.

And it blew my mind…

Between client work, product development, branding, studies, and all of the other projects I have going on, it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything.

I used to spend a lot of my mental energy thinking about the statuses of all of my projects.

“For my productivity course, I need to write the sales page.” 

“Where am I at with the LinkedIn content I’m supposed to publish today?”

“Did I read the new SEO news?”

Having this going on in your head all the time creates a constant cognitive load.

… basically short-circuiting your brain.

But with Notion, I know where all my projects stand and what needs to happen when. That way, I only need to worry about what I need to get done today.

Notion isn’t a Chrome extension, but the Notion Web Clipper extension allows me to save any content from the Internet and save it for later.

4. Loom

I just mentioned that I always have a ton of projects going on at one time. I don’t do everything myself – I have a great team that works with me.

Many times, I come up with a task that I need an assistant to help me with. Recording a quick Loom video going through the steps is – I haven’t done the math on this yet – a bajillion times faster than writing a long email.

With Loom, I’m able to set up SOPs, send them to my team, and let them take care of it.

5. Edit Anything

When auditing a website or even just a single webpage, it’s really helpful to show your client what the end result will look like.

Show don’t tell.

Sure, you can open up the console on Chrome and fiddle around with the HTML and CSS, but there’s something much easier for copywriters – Edit Anything.

This extension lets you click any text on a page and then edit it. Instead of saying “Mrs. Client what if we said X,” you just show them right on the page.

6. Web Paint

Web Paint is similar to Edit Anything, but this extension isn’t focused on text. With this extension, you can draw shapes, underline sections, and provide other feedback for your client.

I like to use Web Paint when I’m giving copywriting critiques.

7. Facebook pixel helper

Facebook pixel helper is a simple extension that lets you check if a page has a Facebook pixel installed. There may be other features you can do with this one, but I mainly use it to make sure my pixels are working.

I also use it when I’m browsing a prospective client’s website: “Mr. Prospective Client, I noticed your Facebook ads aren’t set up correctly. Do you need help with that?”

8. Google tag assistant 

Similar to Facebook pixel helper, I use Google Tag Assistant to make sure Google Analytics tags are working on my websites.

9. ColorZilla

Most copywriters won’t get much use out of this, but when I’m building landing pages, ColorZilla is a great tool that helps me use selecting colors.

When I’m building a page in WordPress, I can use ColorZilla to make sure all of the colors I use are using the correct brand colors and follow the site’s style guide.

10. SEO Quake

I LOVE this extension. When doing keyword research to find opportunities for content marketing and SEO, I can quickly see what the competition looks like with SEO Quake. 

It’s really easy to see which pages on the SERPs have backlinks with this tool.

11. SEO Ruler

This is another killer SEO tool. This tool scrapes all kinds of information from the SERPs: related searches, people also ask, etc… 

It can also scrape headings, anchors, and image alt tags from content pages. All of this information helps you when you are writing SEO copy. Plug for my SEO for Copywriters course. :p 

Note: It appears SEO Ruler has become a paid product. If it’s anything like the previous free version, it is probably worth it.

There you have it – the 10 best Chrome Extension for Copywriters. These are extensions I use every day that make my life much easier and help me produce better copy. What Chrome extensions are you using for copywriting or marketing?

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