The skill I should have learned in kindergarten but didn’t

There’s an important life skill I didn’t learn in school…


And being able to do this well can lead to health, wealth, and great relationships.


That skill, my friends, is storytelling.


Now, when I say “storytelling,” I don’t mean the ability to write or recite bedtime stories… 


I certainly don’t care for any of that…


But, if you think about it, almost all important communication involves storytelling.


When you interview for a new job, you’re telling a story about you, the hero.


When speaking sweet nothings into your partner’s ear, you are telling a story in which both of you are in starring roles.


When a politician goes on stage and says “We need to reduce immigration,” they are telling stories about villains coming to take your job.


Stories are powerful. So powerful that both good and bad people are telling you stories every day to get you to do what they want.


If you can tell a good story, you can get people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do, like hire you, buy from you, love you, curse you, or like your social media post.


The thing is, storytelling isn’t all that difficult. In fact, most stories have the same basic parts (some of which are hidden in this post).


We’ll cover the building blocks of a good story next time.

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