The second most important part of your email (or any other kind of writing)

What I’m about to show you will improve how you write emails, advertisements, heck… it will even make you a better storyteller and communicator… 


It’s something I wish I learned much earlier because of how useful it is…


And when I tell you, you’re going to see this little trick everywhere – in stories, movies, and even music.


We all know the subject line of an email – or headline in other types of writing – is the most important part of writing, but here’s the second most important part…


… the first line after the headline.


I’ll tell you why in a moment… 


The headline for a piece of writing is like an advertisement to get the reader to read the body of the email.


After all, if the headline is strong, the reader will want to read the email.


The goal of the subject line is to get the reader to read the first line of the email. The first line’s goal is to get the reader to read the next line of the email, and so on.


But how do you write your first line to get the reader to continue reading your email?


I’ll tell you next time.


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