The Circle Of Luck – How To Be A Lucky Person

Do you believe in luck?

I used to not believe in luck, I used to think the whole notion of luck was pretty silly.

As I get older, and a bit more successful with my business, I’d like to think I’m seeing the product of my luck.

You see, I think there isn’t just one type of luck.

No. In my eyes, luck, as we usually think of it, is the result of an equation. A simple equation consisting of the sum of three types of subtypes of luck. 

Here’s the equation:

[random chance] + [base luck] + [made luck] = total luck

Today, I want to talk about  these types of luck and how to make luck work for you.

Random chance

This subtype of luck is pretty self explanatory. The universe is filled with random events happening all the time. Some of these affect you, while many don’t. 

Catching a red light due to being behind a slow driver is a random chance of bad luck.

There’s nothing you can do about this type of luck except for making the best out of whatever kind of luck you get.

Base luck

I call this subtype of luck “base luck” because it reminds me of base stats in a video game.

In an RPG, for example, each character starts off with base stats. Maybe a character’s strength stat is high for example. Perhaps, the character’s base dexterity is low.

These base stats cause a compounding effect - characters with a high base strength often become warriors and have a faster increase in their strength stat. Similarly, their dexterity never really grows because of the effect of the low base.

The real world works the same way. Some “characters” are born athletic. These people might not only have additional perks like a fast metabolism that allows them to eat as much as they’d like, but athletic kids are often put into sports programs at a young age which increases their athletic abilities.

On the flip side, someone could have bad base luck and be born with a disability. No matter how hard this person tries, they will never have the same skills as the former example.

Base luck consists of more than athleticism. Being born in poverty is another example of bad base luck. Someone born in poverty will not have the same opportunities, education,  or network as someone born with money will have.

In my opinion, base luck is the biggest subtype of luck - it has the biggest contribution to your total luck. The bad thing is, this type of luck is usually dependent on who you parents are and what environment you grew up in.

Made luck

Fortunately, the second biggest subtype of luck is made luck. Made luck involves the luck that you can make for yourself. 

When people say, “I was at the right place at the right time,” this is often a case of made luck.

You met a hot girl at the coffee shop today?

That was luck you made by deciding to go and get coffee instead of making it yourself.

You won the lottery?

You can’t win if you don’t play and you decided to play.

There’s a phrase that I’ve heard often that goes like “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

I believe this phrase refers to made luck. It’s the only luck that you have control over and besides base luck, it is the biggest subtype of luck.

Those are the types of luck I have seen in my life. Do you think luck works the same way?

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