Size doesn’t matter…

Big things rarely happen all at once.

Evolution is the continuous process of small changes over hundreds, thousands, and millions of years.

So, why do you expect to get successful overnight?

The truth is, when you see people become successful – like an athlete signing a multi-million dollar deal or a musician winning a Grammy – you don’t see all the blood, sweat, tears, and – most importantly – the time they spent getting there.

And that’s why many beginners have a hard time going forward in their endeavors…

It’s really hard to keep going when you don’t see changes happen instantly – just look at all the people who are going to fail with their New Year’s Resolution diets…

So how do you succeed?

It’s all about working towards your goals every day, little by little. 

And this happens by creating small consistent habits.

Want to be a writer?

Write and read every single day.

Looking to be the next Gordon Ramsey?

You need to cook at least one meal every single day. You might also want to brush up on your profanities.

But here’s a mistake I see all the time and it’s seemingly counterintuitive…

Don’t spend all your time learning.

You DO need to spend time learning, reading, and watching professionals, especially when you’re just starting, but…

DON’T spend all of your time consuming…

You need to also spend time DOING.

If you have a huge goal, here’s what you need to do today:

Find at least one thing you can do each day that will get you closer to your goal.

Even if you just get 1% closer to your goal each day, it adds up quickly.

Start doing that thing every single day – never have a zero-day.

Get to work!

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