The Dead Simple Way Copywriters Can Make $100+ An Hour Writing Blogs

Here’s How I Became A $100+ An Hour Copywriter In A Few Short Months…

Dear Copywriter,

My name’s Josh Lee and I’ve been writing copy for the last two years. I write sales letters almost every day, I’m active in various copywriting communities, and I consume copy related content 12 hours a day.

I pretty much love copy. I’m a copy nerd 🤓 

But I wasn’t always “Josh Lee – copywriting extraordinaire…”

I spent a lot of time writing blog articles before writing sales copy…

But I hated it…

And it wasn’t because I hated writing, it was something else entirely.

Something I had nightmares about…

Job Postings For $0.02 a word…


I’m sure you know the feeling of seeing a cool job opportunity…

You think to yourself “Wow, this sounds like a cool gig. The pay says ‘competitive.’ I’m going to check it out.”

And then you see it…



$0.015 cents a word. WTF? Who on Earth would write for that rate.

Not me…

Even when I was starting out, I took a stand and decided that I was NEVER going to work for that rate.

But that left me with no clients.

I wasn’t able to find clients that paid well, so I never got any content writing jobs.

And this went on for weeks…

Every time I would see a job, I’d see the same thing..

$0.02 a word…

$0.03 a word…

Maybe if I was lucky, I’d see something for $.05 a word.

Yuck, yuck, and yuck.

But I saw other copywriters – successful copywriters – and it got me thinking…

How are copywriters making money writing content?

And so I asked every copywriter I could find “How do you make money writing content.”

And I just got the same answers.

“You just have to go to Facebook groups and add value.”

“Go spam everyone with cold emails.”

and my favorite…

“Just get better clients.” 🤦‍♂️ 

I was stuck…

I couldn’t figure out what to do…

I thought about quitting writing altogether…

It wasn’t until I actually started talking to business owners until it clicked.

And after figuring it out was a complete “duh, why didn’t I think of that” moment.

You probably don’t want to hear this but…

Business owners don’t care about your writing!

That’s 100% true.

But you know what business owners do care about?

They (mostly) care about one thing…


They don’t want some amazing blog article that took you hours to write.

They want you to write something that will bring them an ROI.

And how do you do that with blogging?

By generating leads.

And how do you do that?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

All you have to do is write in the way Googe wants and you get free traffic.

Take a look at this chart.

That’s the Google Analytics traffic for one 1,578 word article I wrote.

The one single page has brought in over 25,000 people to this website.  

This happened with no linking, no social shares, no nothing. That’s all organic traffic.

I wrote it over a year ago and it’s still bringing in 100 people to this site every single day.

Think about it. What if you could tell your client “Ms. Client, I can send you 25,000 page views from real people who are interested in your business.”

Do you think having all that traffic would be helpful to a business?

Heck yeah!

And that’s just a fraction of what it would cost with PPC ads…

I felt like I cracked the code.

Business owners don’t care about nicely written articles – they care about traffic and leads.

And all you have to do is change a few things on your page (on-page SEO) to get results like this.

I wasn’t long after that I started to get payments like this:

And that’s for one article!

I think this particular article was the second client article I ever wrote.

And after writing these for a while, I was able to crank this out in about 2-3 hours.

All because I was able to write content that got leads with SEO.

The thing is, there are a lot of writers still writing for $0.02 a word.

And I wanted to help them.

To be transparent, the more writers know about this, the higher they can charge, the higher everyone’s rates will be…

And that’s why I created…

My SEO Copywriting Course


This course is packed with years of knowledge I gained while writing content for myself and my clients.

It’s the same method I use to get tens and thousands of visitors to my sites every single month…

This is a video course and here’s what’s in it…

Module 1: Laying the Foundation

This section not only gives you an overview of SEO, but it also shows you how SEO can be used in other places than Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc… After all, there are more than just website search Engines…

I have literally never seen this in another course or video.

This section also goes over one of the most important things in SEO – how to sell SEO to your clients!

Module 2: The Three Pillars of SEO

This course is an “on-page” SEO course, but in this module, you’re still going to get an overview of the other two pillars – off-page SEO and technical SEO.

That means even though you are a copywriter, you’ll still be able to speak confidently about all aspects of SEO to your clients so they’ll know you are the expert.

Module 3: Technology Foundation

Before we get into what SEO is, we first take a peek behind the curtain and see how the Internet and Google read websites. If you’ve used WordPress before, you’ll feel right at home. If not, this section goes over what you need to know about WordPress to get started.

Module 4: On-page SEO

Here we get into WordPress and see how we modify HTML tags in our posts to tell Google what our website is about.

Module 5: Introduction to Keywords


Keywords are the backbone of on-page SEO. This training is so comprehensive, I had to split up keywords into two sections. Here, we cover the types of keywords and how to rank for multiple keywords with one article.

Module 6: Keyword Research

This is a comprehensive training on how keyword research works with both paid and free tools. The methods I teach are evergreen which means five years from now, you’ll still be using these methods.

Module 7: Putting it All Together

Know we get our hands dirty and start writing!

We go through the process I use to write my articles. And I even go over how to get your clients to pay you to write longer articles…


Don’t take my word for how good this training is, here’s just what one copywriter has said about the training.

Here’s the thing…

I know this course will help you and your copywriting career, but if you’re still not sure about this course, I want to let you know you are are covered by a …

Money Back Badge

That’s right this course includes a 30-day 100% guarantee. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how much this course is…

I personally spent thousands of hours learning the material I cover here.

And the first client article I wrote using these methods earned me a cool $250.

So, I think $250 would be more than fair for the price of this course.

But I know times are tough, so you’re not going to pay $250.

You won’t even pay half of that.

I wanted to sell this course for $97, but for this introductory period, you can get this course for only


48-hour Confident Copywriting Special

Confident Copywriters, I have a special deal for you. For the next 48 hours, you can get this course $20 off. That’s $27 for this course.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your copywriting business,

Josh Lee

direct response financial copywriter