Naming your digital product

People say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s complete baloney. You absolutely should judge a book by its cover. And other people are going to judge your book or product by its title. The cover of the book – or the title of your digital product – has one job. That one job is to get people to learn more about the book or product. If the creator hasn’t put time into making the cover or name good, then what does that say about the contents of the product or book?

So what should you do? When writing pretty much anything online – or at least anything online that is going to be indexed by Google or other search engines – you need to be writing for two different entities. You need to be writing for people as well as the search engine. You need to write a great title that is going to get people to act and you need to write a title that lets the search engine know what the product is about. You’re going to need to do some market research and then do some SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting.

A short note: if you only plan on selling your product through direct ads or email, or you plan on getting traffic from sources that aren’t search engines, then you only need to write for the human reader. However, if you do want to get traffic from algorithms, you need to keep SEO in mind,

Many products have one of two different types of titles. The first type of title is a clear benefit-driven title. A title such as “Get 10k Twitter Followers in Three Months” is a benefit-driven title. These kinds of titles tell the reader what their outcome should be after taking your course or buying your digital product. These types of titles also help pre-frame your audience. Before reading more about your product, they are already expecting what kind of outcome they are going to get from your product. Benefit-driven product names are effective and easy to write.

An additional thing you can do with benefit-driven headlines that will help prospects understand what your product will do for them, and consequently lead to more sales, is by specifying who the target audience is for the product in the name of the product. Let’s take the previous Twitter example. Instead of naming your product “Get 10k Twitter Followers in Three Months” you can name it something more specific like “Get 10k Twitter Followers to Your Influencer Account in Three Months.” Doing this not only makes your pre-framing more specific, but it also lets you niche down and reduces competition. If you are an influencer and want to gain followers, which title do you think is going to be more appealing to you?

The second main product title type is a curiosity title. These usually work better as headlines, but giving products a curiosity-driven name is also one strategy that has been successful. Just look at Russell Brunson’s books Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Dotcom Secrets. Each of these have curiosity behind them. What secrets are going to be revealed in this product? If you’re not a trained copywriter, then creating curiosity-driven product names might be a little bit harder than creating benefit-driven names.

There’s a big problem with curiosity-driven product names, and that’s SEO. When you give your product a name that doesn’t have a clear benefit, search engines like Google, Amazon, and YouTube don’t know what your product is about. That means fewer people are going to organically find your products. After all, do you think people are more likely to search “get more twitter followers” or “twitter follower secrets?” SEO is all about knowing what people are going to search and then using those words in your product or copy. Benefit-driven headlines do this much better than curiosity-driven headlines.

Just telling you to “go name your product something good” can be very difficult – especially if you’re not an experienced copywriter. So, I’m going to give some examples of deadline formulas you can use.


Formula Example
How to Get _____ in _____ How to Get 10k Twitter Followers in 90 Days
10 Ways to _____ 10 Ways to Lose Weight Before Christmas
Do Thing Today Create a Website Today
Do Thing Without Bad Thing Create a Meal Plan Without Being a Professional Chef
_____ Mastery SEO Copywriting Mastery
The _____ Method The MVP Business Method
The Secret to  _____ The Secret to Doing Yoga Every Day
_____ Secrets Guitar Secrets


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