Motivation Doesn’t Last So Use Something Else

If you base your business or dreams on motivation, you’re bound to fail.


There’s something else that’s even more important to success…


Sure, reading motivational posts can be nice every once in a while, but it doesn’t last and motivation usually isn’t strong enough to get you over the most difficult times in your business.


Instead, you need discipline.


Discipline is all about training yourself to work towards your goal even if you don’t want to on that particular day.


Some days I’m just not motivated to write, read, or even work on my copywriting business, but that doesn’t matter…


I don’t rely on motivation to get me to the finish line.


Instead, I’ve set up small, daily routines that help me get closer to my goal each day.


That way, it doesn’t matter how motivated I am that day. 


I would love to spend the day in bed playing video games and having Mexican food delivered to my doorstep.


Thank God for food delivery…


But because I have set up daily routines, I know I need to do my daily routine before doing the fun stuff.


I need to write and publish a post, analyze some financial copy, write a few ads, look over some research articles, and do a few other things.


Am I feeling particularly “motivated” today? Not really. But I’m still going to get these things done.


Sure, you have to take breaks and make sure you keep your physical and mental health in shape, but in the long run, you should still be working towards your goal each day.


This post isn’t meant to motivate you. I don’t want you to read this and think “hell yeah, I’m pumped to get stuff done.”


Instead, you need to take real action…


If you want to see real changes in your life and business, here’s what you need to do right now:


  1. Decide on a goal.
  2. Figure out the steps you need to get to that goal.
  3. Commit to doing at least one of those steps each day.


After doing your routine for a few days, it will start to feel natural.


You won’t need motivation because you’ll be doing these things anyway.


Say goodbye to motivation and start getting disciplined. 


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