Be Somebody’s Donald Trump

You’re always going to have people that hate you…


Well, unless you’re Tom Hanks, I don’t think anyone hates that guy…


But, to everyone else, this is a universal truth you must accept if you want to be successful with your business.


I’m probably going to get some hate just for writing posts like this. There are people who will roll their eyes when this post pops up on their feed, mumble about how I’m posting “just to become an influencer,” and then they’ll go about their day.


But there’s the other side to consider…


Another group of people – hopefully, more than that previous group – will find my posts valuable. Maybe they’ll even give it a thumbs up 😉


And that’s fine.


You see, if I didn’t make posts like this, then I would become the worst thing you can be on the Internet…


…. irrelevant. 


You know how they say “all publicity is good publicity?”


It’s true and you see it every day…


Every time Donald Trump shows up in the news – whether it’s good or bad -, there are millions of people that go into a mouth-frothing rage.


Another group of people absolutely love him – they even buy and wear his merch.


But you know what nobody does?


Nobody looks at him and thinks “I have no opinion.”


And that’s the worst that can happen to you – nobody caring about you.


Being liked by some and hated by others is a million times better than being unknown at all. You’re always going to have somebody causing trouble in the comment sections for your content.


Embrace it.


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